Causes of Teen Stress

Recent studies have shown teens have way more stress than adults, which is a very interesting fact! Although teen stress seems to be normal, parents should really address the stress at the beginning stages before it builds up into a bigger issue for the teen. Stress is simply a mental and physical response to situations that are intense or pose a potential threat. Every teen will feel stressed at some point but what parents have to be able to identify about their teens is the line between the normal amount of stress that their child can handle and the zone of uncomfortable stress that moves the teen onto a path of mental unhealthiness.

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Causes of Teen Stress

The effects of stress on teens can be many. Some of the signs you may be seeing are:

• Agitated quickly and often, anxious, standoffish, irritable, and snaps at parents outside of his/her normal character

• Shivers, refusing to eat, headaches, and a constant sense of fatigue

• The teen doesn’t want to play the sports or games that they love so much

• Over or under sleeping and eating

• Displaying nervousness or showcasing behaviors like moving around more than normal, wandering aimlessly, biting their nails, etc.

• Memory loss or the lack of ability to focus

• Irrational judgement

• Noticeable weight gains or loss

• Hopelessness

• Variation in a teen’s period cycle (young ladies)

• Has lost all care in regards to their daily appearance

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Causes of Teen Stress

Teen stress, in particular, is usually in response to testing, student body issues, a lack of plans for the future, body image concerns, etc. The most important thing for parents to remember is to not focus on the symptoms but actually get down to the root cause. This is the only way to alter your worries and concerns when dealing with teenagers.

Other stressors that teens have are:

1. Educational Stress

2. Physical Stress

3. Social Stress

4. Stress Due to Family Problems

5. Financial Stress

6. Traumatic Events

7. Drastic Changes in life

8. Romantic Relationships

9. Poor Self-Esteem

10. Peer Pressure

11. Unhealthy Competition

12. Sibling Rivalry

13. Poor Time Management

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