How to Resolve Family Conflict

How to Resolve Family Conflict between Teens and Parents

The harmony that a family system provides gives teens a sense of togetherness and security that many types of other relationships can’t provide. Conflict in the household can alter that level of security. Negative emotions are sure to follow regardless to whether the conflict or disharmony begins due to issues within the home or from outside situations. If the conflict continues to go unresolved, then the damage can prove to be a hindrance on the teen’s growth, a marriage, and the entire family as a whole.

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How to Resolve Family Conflict

General areas of conflict for families tend to be:

• Financial instabilities and job changes

• Relocation

• Sibling Rivalry

• Disagreements with child discipline

• Involvement with In-Laws and Extended Family

Although the conflict in a household is unavoidable, the way parents choose to deal with it can make a giant difference in how it affects the teen. It is ideal for families to work together on issues finding solutions that take everyone’s thoughts and feelings into consideration. That is often easier said than done. However, leaving issues unresolved can result in children who harbor anger, growing resentment towards others, and parents that try to force other family members into taking sides on conflict. It is imperative for parents to take action in regards to conflict no matter if the issues seem simple or if it’s years of damage that has been done. The sooner, the better but better late than never.

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As Coach T begins the work with your family to resolve conflict, he will:

• Help the family to clearly identify the problems at hand

• Work with all parties involved to develop ground rules on how to communicate

• Align the problems with solutions that all members contribute to

• Evaluate each solution presented to identify the benefits and risk of each one

• Agree upon solutions as a team

• Pinpoint actions that each family member will take to ensure that the solution works long-term

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