Sibling Relationships

Improving Sibling Relationships brings Cohesion to a Household

Sibling bullying, sibling resentment, sibling rivalry can be just as, if not more, damaging as peer bullying. Siblings are essential to child development and it is true that most parents want nothing more than for their children to get along. However, sibling relationships are no more perfect than any other sort of relationship that we all go through life attempting to maintain daily. All relationships are imperfect because as humans we are all just that; imperfect. The bigger issue is when actions begin to form negative habits and those negative habits begin to define the relationship between your children.

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Effective Parenting Skills

How can Coach T help my children with laying down a new foundation for their relationship?

• Coach T will encourage and facilitate healthy communication between your children.

• If there are disagreements, Coach T will teach them how to work it out in a healthy way.

• Coach T will give them training on how to negotiate and compromise with one another instead of resulting to arguing as the “go to” way of dealing with each other.

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In the first session with parents, Coach T will start the process of identifying areas of concern which are usually:

• A feeling of rejection

• Sibling jealousy

• Parental favoritism

• Competing for parental love

• Unhealthy competition (skills, sports, academics, etc)

• Children acting out chaotic, abusive, and neglectful actions exhibited by parents

• Children have learned an “every man for himself” coping strategy from past trauma


If you'd like to discuss this issue with Coach T, feel free to get in touch with Youth Empowerment Life Coaching. He would be more than happy to talk with you over the phone if you think that might be helpful. You can contact him for a free consultation Monday through Sunday between 9:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m. at 713-256-6922 or via email at He’ll be delighted to assist you in any way possible.

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