Changes in Family Dynamic:

Step parents, other relatives as primary parent, or single parenting.

Over half of the United States is comprised of homes that don’t have two married parents living under the same roof.  This means that the majority of families in our country are in situations where there is one of the parents assuming full responsibly for the everyday needs within a household setting.  Studies show that kids can sometimes feel a sense of loss, abandonment, or just cheated overall when the dynamic in the home is single-parent families, homes where other relatives are the primary parent, or step parents play a full time role in the parenting process.  This feeling may exist no matter how good of a job the active parents try to do and the teen’s emotion in it has to be acknowledged for optimal family wellness to be achieved. 

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Multi-Dynamic Families

Because Multi-dynamic families come about for several different reasons, it is necessary for the active primary parents to distinguish the exact needs of their teens.  A child’s ability to trust can be greatly affected by the relationship of their primary parents and even the absence of one of those parents.  Hostility and child anxiety that can be observed from a teen during a period of divorce is a direct reflection of their emotion in dealing with the situation.  This can be no different than having a parent die which can be catastrophic even for an adult. 

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Youth Empowerment Life Coaching

These type of occurrences can leave a teen feeling a sense of grief and/or resentment towards the opposite sex.  Similar situations may leave a teen with feelings of abandonment and even loneliness that could mentally forbid them from wanting to invest in new relationships such as having step parents or other relatives aiding in the parenting process.  This can be a very stressful issue to navigate for both the parent and the teen.  Coach T is here and able to work with all parties of the family in order to move everyone toward a place of healing and/or closure.


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