LGBT Youth

How to Resolve Family Conflict between Teens and Parents

Having a strong support system in place makes all the different when dealing with lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender teens. Most parents dread having to hear the words “I’m gay” from their children. Usually the parent doesn’t know what to do or say even if they have always thought that the child may be in fact gay.

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LGBT Youth

How to Respond and Remain Supportive

The truth is that how a parent responds to this situation may just be the determining factor on how the relationship between them and the child may be forever. For this reason, the situation has to be handled with care which is another statement that is easier said than done sometimes. Some parents are able to be supportive up front whereas others are immediately lost and not able to deal with the matter in a positive way. It is important to remember that as a parent your words and actions are going to be a big deal to your child. Your responses can also affect the health and emotional well-being of your child. It is primarily important to remember that a teen’s family will have a huge impact on their life no matter what their sexual orientation or gender identity so happens to be.

Rejecting your child or trying to change them during this time is the worst option available. It can lead to:

• Suicide

• Substance abuse

• Health issues

• HIV infection

• Depression

• Isolation

• Self-esteem issues

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LGBT Teen Empowerment

Reduce unwanted risk with LGBT Teen Issues

It is innate for a parent to love and care for their children so those that push their child away in regards to this topic typically grow to regret if for one reason or another.  In working with parents and the youth, I can tell you that honestly, most parents want to help and support their child through this but they just flat out don’t know how or have enough education on the topic.  Coach T will be able to empower you and your teen through this sensitive period of time.  You’d be surprised with how even having a small amount of insight about the topic could have a huge impact on how to react and that small amount of change could have a huge impact on reducing unwanted risks for your teen dealing with LGBT issues.

Extreme behaviors to avoid during this sensitive time include:

•Both physical and verbal abuse associated with your child’s LGBT identity

•Forcing your teen to cut off access to his regular support system

•Not showing empathy when your child is being mistreated or categorized because of their LGBT uniqueness

•Altering your normal patterns in regards to time spent with your child

•Blaming your teen for being gay or blaming anyone else for this occurrence

•Eliminating the child from family occasions and events

•Publicly humiliating your teen

•Removing your teen from his normal place of residence

If you'd like to discuss this issue with Coach T, feel free to get in touch with Youth Empowerment Life Coaching. He would be more than happy to talk with you over the phone if you think that might be helpful. You can contact him for a free consultation Monday through Sunday between 9:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m. at 713-256-6922 or via email at   He’ll be delighted to assist you in any way possible.

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